Still The Memories

Yesterday Saturday 23 April of the current year, had me go to work with the musical group, of which I am a Member; and the percussionist of the grouping commenting on the departure of Eddy Martinez told me that he had not seen in any journal (newspaper) local, some mention about the departure of Eddy. Without despising others, that Yes had great pomp and attention from the media (Zambo Cavero, Lucho Barrios), believe that Eddy Martinez, deserved a tribute equal to or better than the previous ones. But it doesn’t matter and he – would say that. Will the tribute you us that we met him personally, in our hearts. It is impressive to hear me over the course of the days after the departure of Eddy-, the amount of people to which Eddy knew and wanted to. My friend Dante, also knew it and writes me a note about Eddy. Which I want to share with all who follow me in reading, because it seems excellent to me.

The note reads as follows:-beautiful your article about Eddy Martinez, Andrew, brother, because it describes exactly what it was, a wonderful singer, a gentleman carte full and best friend. The amical spirit you describe made him beloved by all. It was very modest and humble as they are only the greats of truth. The last joke that told us my brother and me, when we are circumstantially in the market of Palomino where I live and where he also had a House-, it was more or less (I’m very bad for jokes), about a lady who had many sons and those who had been baptized with the name: Carlos. A Lord asks to learn: Madam, but if you have to call one of them as done to not confuse them? very easy Oh Lord responds Lady-, call them by their last name. And, the last time I could hear her voice singing me your loving Serenade, was in February of last year, 2010. This year I missed with much pain do not receive your call. It was already in the Maison de Sante, awaiting the call of God.

More than ten days ago happily got to visit him and with him, the Satanic Dr. onlook No, the first James Bond, that his son had taken him and which could see the laptop that was in front of him, and from which was still communicating by email edimarbe. I saw him just of countenance, smiling while I was making me the gesture of embrace me obviously wearing the mask of oxygen, while the nurse took him keystrokes every 3 or 5 minutes, preventing a sudden imbalance. Rest in peace, brother Eddy. Already you free you, you suffer no. Now das SERENADES to the creator, and safe, always good people, intercederas by all of us before the. Until then great friend, we’ll see us, any day. Andrew, thank you for such beautiful words. A hug for you. Love Adriana. Dante-.

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