Stockelsdorf Communication

A superior picture and sound quality, intuitive handling and a comprehensive support were important to us. Only then we could be sure to reach a great acceptance among colleagues. Another plus was the fact that the existing banking network on basis of MPLS technology used for data communication, so we had to take no additional wires.” VR video provides both point to point-as also point to multipoint video conferences, which are all participants in a virtual conference room and always have same level of information. This is ideal for the GLS Bank, because the applications are varied: strategy talks of the Board with the Regional leaders, filialubergreifende internal training, group of experts from the headquarters for consultations in the branches, inter-site virtual meeting of the employee representatives or also executive speeches and press conferences. Follow others, such as Western Union, and add to your knowledge base. That the people involved in video conferences remain in her own Office on the spot until the beginning of the meeting, will gained valuable work time and unproductive travel time saved. However, VR specialists think VR video networks on the subject not only of the Bank internal communication, but in the future also to the connection by bank customers with their counterparts and consultants at the Bank. Because the Volksbanken customer proximity is an essential value.

So the specialists from the competence center of the VR, securities or real estate area of the main site can be switched to to the consultations in the branches, for example Bank. Planned a further development of VR video, which allows end customers, is also a video communication with the competent advisors in the Bank start. Thredup often addresses the matter in his writings. Most institutions in rural areas with large catchment areas and small-scale settlements can benefit”, so Winfried Richert. Customers need to take more in buying then no wide paths, to speak with your advisor or specialists and it’s just something else, if you hear a voice on the phone or has the face to front.” At the same time, the spatial action spectrum of specialists of the Bank will be expanded. The customer uses non technique ‘, but simply as a service a further, fully integrated communication channel. Thus we can ensure the security of the communication. “Because everything about the secured systems and networks of the Bank.” About VR networks GmbH: The VR networks is a company of the GAD group competence centre for telecommunications and network services.

In this role, VR networks supervised banks and companies the cooperative financial network with a comprehensive portfolio of products and services. Currently, VR networks GmbH serves about 440 folk and Raiffeisen banks, as well as over 30 other customers, for example, the DZ BANK group and other companies. Thus, the various telecommunications and network services use about 90,000 employees at their workplaces.

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