Surya Namaskar

Today’s health – is not just absence of disease, it’s luster in the eyes, good cheer and positive inner attitude. This is when you are successful and easily solve even the most difficult life lessons. It is considered that Ayurveda – it’s food, a way of getting rid of disease or set of measures aimed at maintaining your health. Of course, this is so, but Ayurveda – much more than that. It’s a lifestyle, worldview, his own separate philosophy with its own concepts, precepts and principles. Thus, 9 basic principles, how to be, beautiful, healthy and successful: according to Ayurveda. Principle 1 – Eat ayurvedic food. On the importance of eating a treatise, medical works, we read about in magazines, hear on television. And it seems like everything is simple, but that we are spoiled by modern gastronomic delicacies and our exquisite gourmet flavor is no longer willing just porridge for breakfast. Eat fresh natural food prepared personally with love and affection. Principle 2 – Configure the good habits! The most important thing – get used to living a good, fresh and fun, then health will be, and friends and even some sadness in life solar flux will manifest itself as a long-awaited rain in the heat. Wake up happy, smile sun and the people around (even at times this morning with a ridiculous person looking at you the other side of the mirror. Under the slogan “The Charging is just do not – do with pleasure, and live every cell, every muscle, feel flexible and graceful, and stay in this state.

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