Suvorov Peter

All this is really interesting, but often at the time parking crew members an opportunity to see just a port, not being able to get out. Work … All the more so now, having money, you can get to anywhere in the world, and not necessarily for it to be a sailor. Opportunity is fully provided for. Many are involved more and that working at sea are on full security.

That is to say, all gotovenkom. Do not think what to eat, where to go, what to wear itp Do not think about domestic side of life. It's all happening by itself. We have listed the main reasons why young people choose to work at sea. Let's talk about what'm not attracted to this work. Separation from loved ones. This is probably the most difficult to have to worry about the sailors and their families.

As they say, the separation – the best test of feelings. Some of her stand, some – no … That's probably why so many families break up of sailors. True, in the Western companies, there exists the practice of providing opportunities to meet sailors' wives with their husbands during long flights. Exercise. Work including weekends and holidays, the same person, but only around sea, sea, sea … The duration of a flight is on average half a year or more. Only from the shore it seems that the sea – it's romance, but really hard work. Limitations in communication and space. We have already talked about that the seaman during a voyage around the same people, and are important relations that have developed in the team. If there is no psychological compatibility with the people you work for a long time, the work turns into hard labor. Separation from normal life on shore leaves big impression on those who are at sea. So, after returning home, sailors need some time to get into the rhythm of life. In work at sea are many pros and cons, but those who are determined to connect his life with the sea, hardly will change the intended course. And even then, what is going on the world's waters, all these horrible incidents of piracy are not afraid of our sailors! AND most importantly, that they were better in the face of loved ones. Seven feet under the keel! Suvorov Peter

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