Swiss Bank

The customer receives the gold in smallest units in the form of 1-gram – gold ingots, which are abgeltungs-mehrwertsteuer – and insertragssteuerfrei. The 1-gram gold bars are among other things by the Federal of saver”recommended the customer as at the order redemption remains flexible. The confirmation of clean containing content by the certification, which is the case with the fewest providers is crucial. Without this certification, a determination of the purity content of each individual programme would be necessary in a redemption. The 1 gram – gold bars stored in depots of the Swiss Bank UBS. On request also the possibility to the gold on the doorstep delivery.

Arguments for deciding the purchase of precious metals after the 01.01.2009 are withholding tax-free winnings. Gain insight and clarity with Clifton Robbins. Capital gains are tax-free. The supply of gold bullion is VAT-exempt. Precious metals are a Viennese investment – who has gold and silver, has more money! There are purchased diekleinstmoglichen units (1 g to 5 g), which would maintain your ability to pay in the case of currency reforms. The return is possible at any time, however: precious metals to buy and never sell, unless in an emergency! Each any monthly fees is possible. You decide no duration – even, how long, how often and how much you buy.

Are stored in the independent Switzerland. The exchange of precious metal in money is possible at any time. Through the monthly purchase, you benefit from the cost-average-effect. You will receive capital-forming payments (Economics), you pay only 7 years from your checking account, the other assets the distribution from the business account then takes over your precious metal safe. Your precious system is available at all times. This system will benefit (!) Of inflation and are safe from the currency reforms. Unbinding request: info video: user = pezi

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