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Present the social and economic structure would be untenable if the banks did not exist. And with this we are not saying that they are the best option or than there is not another possibility. Simply we stated that given the present state of the things they are essential. Another question is if they would […]

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Central Bank

a But the Obama encouraged world governments to follow suit and extend more funds to the economy so as to boost demand and leave behind the recession. a According to Lawrence Summers, Obama has had to take such measures as the lesser evil, to “save the system (Free) market for its own excesses. ” a […]

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Latin American

What happens in the credit market in Chile is a normal behavior that occurs in situations where there is an increase in macroeconomic volatility. In situations of economic stress, correct their institutions risk diagnoses and seek more conservative positions. That is why tighter deadlines and reduce the amounts awarded. Additionally, despite the Central Bank has […]

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Latin American Markets

Well understood by the chairman of the Central Reserve Bank of Peru, Julio Velarde, “The main conclusion is that most of the countries of the region is able to act with appropriate instruments to ensure that the financial system is maintained stable. ” These partnerships have other implications that go beyond the agreements reached and […]

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Monetary and Financial Stability

” Clear that the pact does not represent a coordination of monetary policies and this was made clear the head of the Central Bank of Argentina (BCRA), Martin Redrado: “Speaking of coordination is still a word that does not qualify either meeting. I think there is a spirit of partnership, commitment to monetary and financial […]

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Valencia Bank

Valencia bank was created in 1900 in the Valencian Community, more exactly in valencia, hence its name, with the intention that the same will see enhanced by the economic progress and investment that took place at that time all over Spain. This bank was in its infancy characterized by its great view to the future, […]

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Banks In Colombia

Colombia is a country that has built its economy primarily in the business of agriculture and natural resource exploitation, and then moving to various processes of transformation and thus offer different products derived from nature, but in recent times has given way to a major foray into other areas that generate large benefits to the […]

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Swiss Bank Accounts

Banks are one of the institutions to which most people use today, as they give great facility in regard to money management, thanks to the different plans and services that serve to maintain the different types of accounts money and have a safe place in which to deposit and save the capital and the power […]

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