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Alternatives In Economy

In the present frame, characterized by the predominance of the neoliberal and hegemonic globalisation, the ideological resistance from the towns to the dominant neopreservative thought is been urgent of the contributions of excellent thinkers who have interpreted social the historical reality from a liberating, compatible perspective with the most progressive and defending positions of the […]

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Chicago Trust Corporation

real estate market will continue to rise. BUT: In early 2007, the American housing prices collapsed. Many of the ninjas noticed that were paying for their home more than now It was worth and they decided to (or could not) continue to pay their mortgages. Automatically, no one wanted to buy MBS, CDO, CDS, Synthetic […]

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Financial Organization

Just finished so mentioned continuous slope of January for many in February, March and in the coming months, are falling and borrowing more each day. The key is to organize our finances. So, this organization allows us to go progressively reducing our debts and be able to develop a more effective strategy for the coming […]

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