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Bretton Wood

Stock markets are thus same. This for the fall until we can here consider one of the worse ones, but with a characteristic, the speed of the descending. Detail: In none of these cited others had the appreciation of the assets as now. Greater the twig, greater the tumble. 2-) Bretton Wood was convoked in […]

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Brazil Agriculture

The magnifying of the biocombutvel use concurs directly with the food agriculture and, in this aspect, the agronegcio gains impulse redoubled in this new cycle. Brazil congregates diverse conditions to capture all the chances of this new phase. It has climate, agriculturveis lands in abundance, a system of expenditure and financing to the agriculture that […]

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Banks are basic for the development of a society. They are responsible for efficiently placing the resources of the surplus agents between the deficit agents but with good projects. However in Brazil, she comes being difficult to defend the flag of the banks as young men of history. A study divulged for the Ipea (I […]

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Great Depression

At moments of international instability the only answers that the public in general wants to see to leave the mouth of an economist are when the crisis of subprime American goes to finish and as. Unhappyly they are the only ones that we cannot answer. The economist John Kenneth certain Galbraith time said that ' […]

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Dilma Rousseff Economist

The year of 2011 if initiates with alert on the part of the economists, whom they see with concern perspective of increase of the inflation, that in 2010 was the greater in last the six years, having been pulled for foods and services, that had gone up very. It was one year weighed for the […]

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World Bank

The cognitiva form is strong on to the subjectivity notion, as attitudes and norms of behavior, changes of values, reciprocity and confidence. Another important distinction in the concept of capital stock is between the levels micron, meso and macro. The level micron understands the relationship between individuals and domiciles; the level meso is seen in […]

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Periodical Banks

An evidence of this, supports, it is the fall in the relation enters the number of agencies and the population. Until the decade of 1980, the Ipea says, had a bank agency for each 8 a thousand inhabitants; in 2007, this relation started to be of an agency for each 10 a thousand inhabitants. Moreover, […]

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Pactual Bank

Daniella, that also folloies the petrochemical sector, already passed for Shell Brasil.Acertos in 2005 For 2006, have a positive vision for Aracuruz, with the entrance of capacity of Veracel and with prices of cellulose in high platforms. We believe that the entrance of new plants in Chile alone must impactar the market in 2007. We […]

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Periodical Leaf

Other tests of liquidity had confirmed that the institutions had kept resources enough to honor its commitments throughout as the semester of 2008. The report still praised the performance of the economic team of the government to brighten up effect of the crisis: ' ' The incentives to the acquisition of asset of the banks […]

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Financial Investments

The situation of the Spanish economy is an issue that the press continues to highlight and also these days comes with unusual force related to the nationalization of the Bankia. These topics I read a few days ago an article in Eroski Consumer, the Spanish publication that presents so pleasant and instructive articles, on this […]

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