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Franchisers Helen Doron

Franchisee of Helen Doron can now offer on their classroom sites, the so-called learning centers, teen English. Hamburg, October 06th, 2011. The global private franchise education Helen Doron in Germany, teen English now introduces its new program number Helen Doron. Helen Doron especially for English courses for children is known. The English teen English program […]

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Energy Tuning In Stock

6 day HDT seminar series for the process industry 2010 part 1 procedural operations June 14-15, 2010 energy management expertise is new thinking. The seminar series provides energy management top-down map of the overall operation of the process to the system component as a holistic concept. for management (in particular part 1 of the series), […]

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Warehouse Management Equal To 2 Times

Picking techniques, planning and optimization are the challenges of the modern warehouse management flexibility, low cost at the same time fastest deployment. Therefore, innovation, future-oriented solutions and the optimisation of existing systems are urgently needed. Electronic order picking technology and Motiortracking technology bring stock and route optimization. Workshop compared different picking techniques and procedures in […]

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New Managing Director

New Managing Director for Bank power – Christian Salge Frankfurt/Main – Christian Salge strengthens the management of banking power. The Manager takes over the position in addition to his duties as Managing Director of manpower specialities and member of the Executive Board of the personnel service provider manpower Germany GmbH. Salge supported it, along with […]

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Take-off For Two Trainees In FORCE

Dusseldorf communications agency is now IHK certified apprenticing company. FORCE allows qualified school-leavers entering the communications industry. To promote their own offspring, the Dusseldorf communications agency FORCE now also educates: that FORCE the trend counteracts that more and more school-leavers prefer a Bachelor of education. The number of applicants for apprenticeships fell according to the […]

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Executive Officer

Werner Hoppler sees great potential in customer experience management Werner Hoppler replaces Gerhard Wanek spearheaded by PIDAS. Companies with branches in Germany, Austria and the Switzerland is specialized in building and optimization, as well as the operation of service organizations, such as the service desk and customer care center. The proven professional for customer care […]

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How To Find A Job In A Bank

How to find A job in A Bank – is finding a job in bank easy If you are looking for a good bank job you will have to work hard because of stiff competition. You may wish to run the race well quipped by upgrading your finance knowledge by taking courses, diploma, etc. Furthermore, […]

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Chief Blogger

Their own self-employment and freelance work as a webmaster or blogger there set up as many people as ever an own existence, which is almost always with an online business hand in hand. Today’s Internet and its still relatively fast development offer a very practical and increasingly use the promotion and advertising of own business […]

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New: Qualify With The BSA-Akademie

Customers support the risk of injury during training in improving their sport-specific performance when it comes to the development of athletic skills and to reduce competition, athletic training has a firm place in professional sports. But also more and more recreational athletes from different sports take advantage of this special form of training to improve […]

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High Demand Profession According To New Course

Study of the dual degree at any time possible! The winter semester of 2012, the new Bachelor programme in the study of sports economics is started at the German University of prevention and health management. The demand was very high, so that already several studies classes could be established at the start of the study. […]

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