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District Court

Article 1046 allows contracts to exclude this possibility. If the parties want to combine the case of claim, they must apply for authorization to the chairman of the District Court, which represents a "higher authority" in decision-making procedure. 9. Can a party to appeal the final decision of arbitration? The arbitral tribunal makes a final […]

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Tax Code

Tax Code of Ukraine Podatkovy Code of Ukraine. Rozdl st —- Zagaln Position>> Rozdl II —- Zagaln admnstrativn Position>> Rozdl III — Podatok on Prybutok pdprimstv>> Rozdl IV — Podatok income fzichnih osb>> Rozdl V —- Podatok on Dodanim vartst>> Rozdl VI — Excise podatok>> Rozdl VII – Podatok on transportn zasobi>> Rozdl VII – […]

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Internet Buzz

About Using the model of Internet users, we hope to create a strong buzz in the World Wide Web, translate the project into all major languages, to modify the ideal model of society and provide an alternative to the Government most countries. We insist that: all governments have refused to conceal information about the real […]

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