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Twine Literature

Of – the edge, in this stretch, for double interpretation: the author mentions the loved person to it, illuminated for the moon; or to the plants, to the sugar cane-of-sugar, source of income and suffering of one people? A time that the heading and the text leave a detached religious question, is not clear the […]

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Second Part

Z- 2 PART Jorjo was a huge black and the fame of its force already was known outside of the limits of the region. Others including Road tankers, offer their opinions as well. It was seated in a rustic bank and it talked, smiling very, with Great Peter. In the right hand the machete that […]

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When I do any banking diligence by comfort always I do it in a bank that I have near my house, I can go and come to foot and stop exercising. the times that I’ve gone to the Bank always I am an old lady stopped at all the entry of the Bank and asks […]

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Poetical Symbolism

INTRODUCTION the Symbolism Appeared in France, the end of century XIX, and had as main representatives Mallam, Verlaine and Baudelaire. These poets abandon the principles of the realistic and parnasiana school and dedicate &#039 to it; ' cult of the etreo, the subjective one, the obscure one, the vacant, sugestivo' ' ; they reject the […]

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