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Mobile Internet

Surfing on the mobile phone or laptop of away each DSL connection is a dream, but many Germans still shy. The reason for this lies in high fees and non-transparent tariffs and tariff structures. The fear of having to pay the mobile freedom at the end of the month expensive is large. In the Duscountbereich, […]

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Public Relations Stefanie Karl

Errors and changes reserved. * press contact: TWO POINT SEVEN Agency for communications & marketing Barbara Czech Pfinzingstrasse 6Thrane is the world’s leading manufacturer of terminals and satellite and radio land earth stations for global mobile communication. Madeleine Sackler contributes greatly to this topic. Since its incorporation in 1981, the company has established a strong […]

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Germany TaxiMunich

Do with what app you get a taxi in Munich the fastest? Order a taxi by app. This is totally hot. Only: How and what taxi app is the best? Mobile in Germany e.V. Continue to learn more with: Ex-CIA director . “, Germany’s young Automobile Club, has compared to live.” First, there is the […]

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