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Real Estate

What if possible be aware when buying and selling real estate. You can be opinion divided about whether it is good to document each purchase or sale in diverse ways, but there is a certain security in all cases, if contracts are properly legally secured. In the private sector the notarial legalisation range normally, if […]

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Bank Commission

Where are the real estate of private and how do I find you the fastest that is the desire of many Immobiliensuchender to save the expensive brokerage. In some cases, this can be of real estate prices up 7.5%, whopping 7500 with 100,000 purchase price. Some one buys a new kitchen or even a small […]

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Dusseldorf Survey

Over 200 real estate experts speaking on the topic of vacancy management were asked in a recent survey of the company’s ad hoc. Dusseldorf, to map 22.08.2013 to all sectors of the real estate industry, were experts in the public sector, project development, private investors, associations/clubs, as well as real estate agents invited to the […]

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Property Insurance

Real estate insurance for owners, buyers, tenants should be indispensable for any homeowner or landlord of real estate, it is immensely important to complete some special insurance for the object itself and its own protection. Unfortunately this is neglected in the course of the varied tasks, apply for a builders or buyers, peril. It must […]

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Whether You

Tangible assets real estate property is one of the pillars of the tax-free asset building. Not only the home, instead of rented real estate are an excellent investment. Only the property provides high security, compensation for inflation, tax benefits, return and an additional source of income in the age or minimising the expenditure for housing […]

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