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The Religious Sailor

does not exist marine old and nor modern admiral Lutherking Handle! (interesting as in the Navy it has military with foreign names) said Gadelha if approaching with the broom in hands. marine Fala answered the handle without giving to much attention it. the street that ordered me to Mr. Please visit Andrew Cuomo if you […]

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Japanese Culture

Nothing of abnormal person. A shunting line of route, nothing more. But who there was seated in a bank, in front of school? Therefore it is. The proper one. Writing down everything. It looked at intently for the careful, zealous mothers, intent to the movements it goes of it and it comes of the cars […]

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Bank Payment

It homogenized the system of payment to suppliers. Wholesale prestige to providers. It facilitates the reconciliation of accounts and Treasury control. Avoid the issuance of promissory notes, cheques and bills of Exchange as well as the handling of them. Avoid incidents that occur in the direct payments of receipts. It allows better control and planning […]

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