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The Father

A part of him I am. In addition she is the person who has allowed me to be in this world today. Nothing else by only made of have given the life to me, only for that reason, it is important to honor it. When for the reasons that are, we felt remote of him, […]

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It is enough with showing itself to the philosophical conception of both ideologies to be astonished with the conceptual distance separates that them. Democracy is a form of organization of groups of people, whose predominant characteristic is that the ownership of the power resides in the totality of its members, causing that the decision making […]

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Proprietor Community

This it is first of a series of articles on the personal data processing in the proprietor communities. The obligations that impose the LOPD and their norms of development raise the necessity that the proprietor communities adapt and fulfill the norm of protection of data scrupulously. The organization and management of the proprietor community suppose […]

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Viability Bank

Constantly many overwhelmed families appear to us because they have contracted a series of debts like: monthly payment of the quota of the mortgage, financing of credit cards, personal purchase of car on credit, loans and others. All these debts make nonviable that a person can maintain his estatus without seeing itself affected deeply in […]

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The Solution

The costs of an implementation in house or business the costs can vary much according to the form in which it thinks to implement the solution of radial channel for Internet. In case quiciramos to mount a transmitter in Internet with capacity for but of 60 listeners in simultaneous we would have to incur expenses […]

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The Spanish Bank

In the heat of final of Operation Triumph in Spain, the presenter Jesus Vzquez was thankful to supported those who it for their appointment like ambassador of the High Commissioner of the United Nations for Refugiados (ACNUR). He requested a special recognition for the Bank Bilbao Biscay Argentaria (BBVA), the sponsor of the event. the […]

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Industry Fish

Fishing is developed in the Bays of Agiabampo, Yvaros, Santa Barbara, Matting Aquichopo, the Elote, Moroncrit, in beaches of Huatabampito, Camahuiroa and the Mouths; conforming the coast of 110 kilometers and a water mirror of approximately 16 thousand hectares. These water bodies form three complex ecosystems to lagunar and estuary, that are Aquichopo, Yvaros and […]

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