TAN List Management

Software for Windows PC, and Java-enabled mobile phones Oldenburg online banking users know the situation: no transfer without TAN list. But wait: Where is the list? Or even worse: The iTANs printed on paper are ragged and illegible. On the road the iTAN for online banking may be missing quickly. These problems my iTAN, the software-honey by Sabine Mendle COSS consulting & sales support. My iTAN is the flexible management for TANs and iTANs for the Windows PC and the mobile phone. The exasperating search of the printed TAN lists has an end. As the deciphering of faded or his AB iTAN leaves. The program also helps in finding the iTAN demanded by the Bank online banking: typed the serial number of the iTAN – quickly and easily the utility provides the corresponding transaction number.

This is via double click taken from Windows Clipboard. By using the keyboard shortcuts CTRL + V online banking program can then the TAN in each are inserted and used there. Alternatively to the keyboard shortcut with the right mouse button Mouse button and the Paste command”be worked. Data export to Java-enabled mobile phone my iTAN is its export function. It is so easy: first the stored TANs directly from the program are saved out as a Java application (jar file) on the computer. Then this file via Bluetooth or data cable can be transferred on any Java-enabled mobile phone. So, each online banking users on the go has its transaction numbers at hand. A version for the Android mobile operating system is already in preparation.

Easy installation and safety my iTAN can be installed even by inexperienced PC users without sweating. The application is ready for use after a few clicks. When you first start, the user assigns a password that protects the sensitive transaction numbers of online banking from unauthorized access. Even the developers of my laid iTAN great value on the security of your online banking data: the underlying database is encrypted and cannot be read. My was iTAN developed by Sabine Mendles COSS consulting & sales support. “As the first of a series of small honey the program for online banking and managing the iTANs help.”, explains Sabine Mendle. I offer my clients the development of individual software already. So the public can see, what we can afford, we have developed my iTAN. “And for a tangible reason: I myself was highly annoyed by TAN lists, which were always gone when I needed them.” Free demo version of my iTAN so that anyone without obligation iTAN can become acquainted with my, Sabine is a free, fully functional, and limited to five applications demo version of their TAN management available Mendle under. The first download portals have tested my iTAN already and also offer the demo version. The unrestricted full versions of my iTAN are available under bestellung.html. Matthias M. Jerome

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