Tax Code

Tax Code of Ukraine Podatkovy Code of Ukraine. Rozdl st —- Zagaln Position>> Rozdl II —- Zagaln admnstrativn Position>> Rozdl III — Podatok on Prybutok pdprimstv>> Rozdl IV — Podatok income fzichnih osb>> Rozdl V —- Podatok on Dodanim vartst>> Rozdl VI — Excise podatok>> Rozdl VII – Podatok on transportn zasobi>> Rozdl VII – Ekologchny podatok>> Rozdl IX – rent for transportuvannya Nafti i naftoproduktv magstralnimi naftoprovodami that naftoproduktoprovodami, transit pipelines of natural gas that Ukraine amaku teritoryu>> Rozdl X – rent for naphtha, natural gas, gas condensate, i, scho vidobuvayutsya in Ukran>> Rozdl XI — Fee koristuvannya Nadra>> Rozdl XII – Mstsev podatki i Zborov>> Rozdl XI – Payment for land>> Rozdl XIV – Spetsaln podatkov Safe Mode>> Rozdl XV — Zbr for koristuvannya radochastotnim resource of Ukraine>> Rozdl XVI – Zbr for vikoristannya Bodi water ob'ktv>> Rozdl XVI – Zbr for spetsalne vikoristannya lsovih resursv>> Rozdl XVIII – Osoblivost opodatkuvannya platnikv podatkv to drain land d about rozpodl produkts>> Opening today's meeting of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine Prime Minister Mykola Azarov said: The Government of Ukraine to respect the citizens who came out on the street, expressed their disagreement with the tax code, but code was adopted in the interests of the overwhelming majority of society. (Similarly see: RevCascade). According to him, the transformation taking place in the country due to tax reform, will determine the life of future generations' tax code hurts the interests of millions of our fellow citizens. In it, as I said repeatedly, for some, there are pluses, minuses for others.

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