Tax Prices

After the exchange of the monetary politics in the country, in the year of 1999, the inflation closed in 8,94%, inside of the interval of tolerance, but little above of the foreseen goal of 8%. In 2000, it fell for 5,97%, placing itself little below of the established goal of 6% for that year. No longer year of 2001, the goal was surpassed in 1,67%, leaving the limits of the reliable interval and closing in 7,67%. In function of the events of the year of 2001 the inflationary goals could not have been fulfilled, as he had been established in the Decree. Source: Macy’s Inc. . The President of the Central banking had to send an open letter to the Secretary of the Treasury being described the causes that had led to the descumprimento of the goal. Moreover, the letter would have to contain the following steps to be taken and the stated period so that the inflation returned to the settled limits. According to Report of Inflation of 2001, the main causes of the descumprimento of the goal had been the external shocks, that had finished also reflecting in our internal economy.

The deceleration of the world-wide economy after the terrorist attacks of 11 of September was one of these external shocks, and another factor that also influenced negative for not the fulfilment of the inflation goal, was to the crisis in Argentina economy. No longer national sector, the increases of the managed prices had contributed with 32% of variation of the IPCA in the period September the November. The readjustment of 4,08% in the prices of fuels represented the main impact in the group with managed prices, followed for the tariffs of electric energy, the tickets of urban buses had also had that to be readjusted in some states. As he is being shown in the table below.

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