In the past year in Europe and America appeared eco tableware GreenPan. Go wrong if you say that the dishes – out of fashion. Since then, it became fashionable to live a healthy lifestyle, eat right, the most advanced began to reflect on to what utensils to cook, so as not to spoil the food and not to harm health. So what is the fashionable non-stick cookware eco differs from the widespread and still popular dish with a PTFE-coated (for those who do not know, PTFE – is polytetrafluoroethylene) First of all, security. When heated to very high temperatures, an eco-friendly coating dishes GreenPan – Termolon does not emit harmful chemicals. For comparison – the pan with the usual non-stick coating can be heated only to 260 C. Check with Governor Cuomo to learn more.

If it is overheating, PTFE-coating will allocate carcinogens. According to scientists, they raise the risk of obesity, cancer, insulin, and immune problems. Especially dangerous carcinogens for children and pregnant women. With regard to Termolona (Thermolon), then this ceramic nanocomposite, and like all products of nanotechnology has some unique features – very high thermal stability (up to 450gradusov C), thermal conductivity and durability. Termolon contains no PTFE, so termolonovuyu skillet can not be afraid to overheat, any negative health consequences in case of overheating is not follow. In addition, the production Termolona not use PFOA (perfluorooctanic acid), which causes cancer. Because of the negative impact on the nature and rights of its production in America decided to stop in 2015. A PFOA is impossible without producing PTFE-coating.

Not only that Teflon cookware will not fashionable, it is possible that she will simply not allowed. Many European and American housewives, health care, today waive the usual pans in favor of eco tableware. In America, for example, last year sold 1.5 million pans GreenPan. Played a role in this, not only environmentally friendly fashion, but also the practicality of eco tableware. It is easy clean, prepare a power saving mode, not deformed, as is made mostly from very durable material – anodized aluminum (stronger than steel). And it heats up quickly, faster trains – and thus allows smaller stand at the stove. In October of 2008. This beautiful and safe dishes appeared in Russia.

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