The Answer

first I had informed me in between again and read 2-3tg to order supplies. It came an email from Fonic nor the order, but There was something else to watch, movement was suddenly on the account of my mother and it was debited money – we could not make a call always still. I decided to send the Fonic site a contact E-mail about. (As opposed to Wabash National Corporation). In response, we got an e-Mail that the mail address of my mother had not known there then of the Fonic postmaster. At this time, Fonic worked already three days with which, from my mother’s account debited, money. They generated investment income so already, as I found out later we were not an isolated case, with which she “Aviva their liquidity”. Two more days later came the SIMcard by Fonic.

Well everything ends well??? Now I had to finally try Neeeeeiiiiiinnnnn to activate the SIM card and also it turned out impossible as pure. The activation is scheduled for no later than four hours after the registration according to the Fonic after registration with immediate effect. I want to pre-empt it times itself did nothing …es! I have been waiting for then fourteen hours and tried Fonic to reach by phone via a service number. At the other end of the connection, said a band animated Lady to me and asked whether I wanted to register my SIMcard. I answered Yes good with and I was prompted to provide data in the Bank to now my mobile phone number to call or to enter using my keyboard. Here I was again good and gave a phone number to register up to the last digit. After a while I got the answer: “This phone number is not known in my system”. Immediately after this statement, the animated band voice told me it me now would be through a personal advisor.

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