The Appointment

Hard numbers, data and facts are far less purchase relevant than is generally believed. And only if nothing can fascinate us, chooses only the price. The unspoken questions of customers the unspoken questions of a customer at the first encounter with a seller aim not primarily on the bid, but they are roughly as follows: I can be with him or not? Is he serious? He seems competent? Do I need what he has to offer? I can afford it? People buy from people, not companies. And they prefer buy from people who are trustworthy and sincere. So, customers want to know first, what with human seller ‘ is going on, and who hides behind the seller role: what is he happy? What makes him skeptical? Where he feared something? When is he quite certain his matter?’ And most importantly: he’s honest with me?’ Dishonesty, cunning and berechnendes calculus can be hiding behind a mask of emotions, the so-called Pokerface, only. Only at an emotional outburst of ‘ the true – is evident because it defies the subconscious of controlling the thinking brain. Our intuition radar can read only at a personal and emotional encounter, whether it means someone good or evil, with us.

And most people have a fine tuned for right and wrong. As seller show emotions in other emotions, who wants to raise your own emotions must show. So it makes sense, if seller expressing their emotions in particular at the beginning of a sales pitch, as saying: I am pleased that the appointment for you free / was. That inspires me the most on this thing. I’m glad that you say/also see it that way. It is a keen that we come together. I am proud to have you on my customer list. Only, who emotionally is goes out and speaks to emotions, gives the OK, the customers to do the same.

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