The Authors

If the paid price to the producer to increase, with certainty the yield of the producer also will increase. also the same applies if the production cost to diminish. However these factors most of the time are not in being able of the agricultural producer. the producers finish if subjecting to the prices practised for the market. In elapsing of the activities of the property it will be able to have the profit existence or damage, everything will depend on the taken actions for the producer.

Everything is decurrent of appropriate attitudes at the appropriate moments (BATTLE, 2001). The producer must be constantly monitoring its expenses, in the minimum things, special the fixed costs, therefore ' ' escondidos' ' inside of them it is that it is the danger them unnecessary expenses. All these expenses go gradually reducing the profitability of the property (BATTLE, 2001). 2,4 AGRICULTURAL DIVERSIFICATION the reality of agriculture in Brazil makes with that the agricultural producers elaborate strategies that increase its incomes and improve the life condition. The diversification is seen as one of these strategies (BATTLE, 2001).

The diversification already is a frequent strategy between Brazilian agriculturists. The effort of the diversification destines to extend it the fan of products commercialized for the agricultural producers (BATTLE, 2001). ' ' Agricultural diversification is the simultaneous and successive exercise, of several atividades' ' (PERES et al, 2003). These activities become the property more competitive and flexible the possible alterations of market, as fall of the prices for example. In small properties the diversification of the activities is important, therefore it has lack of areas for expansion. Also it promotes the work market making with that the population is in the agricultural way and creates business chances and develops the locality (PERES et al, 2003). However the authors stand out that this process will have to happen of gradual form, so that, in the case of an activity not to correspond to the expectations, the impacts are not significant.

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