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The renewable energy often only through subsidies are still profitable, but thanks to technical progress, the cost and approaching that of fossil energy. That is provide for more demand, he added. Also for investors, an investment in this sector could be an alternative. Right now, the companies have good growth prospects. The earlier one rises, the better, says A.

beautiful home. He knows also the concerns of many customers. Because such an investment may be so promising: many investors shy away from the risk of the stock markets. You want to have a good sense when it comes to security. At the same time they don’t want but on income opportunities, he added. Let but a double good feeling of what first incompatible blade, with matching fund concepts realize, says the banking expert and explained: when these investments guarantees minimum share value is pronounced as a rule to the end of the term of the Fund.

Investors get back so in General guaranteed the first percentage value, if they hold the shares until the end of the term. This is inclusive or exclusive initial fee, without taking into account possible storage costs, as well as less any distributions, Tax deductions and fictitious income. It should be ensured that the assets at the end of the investment period will receive stay regardless of the development in the stock markets. And if the international stock markets for renewable energies rise in this period, the investors can benefit from the positive market developments, added A. beautiful home and summarizes: so a financial investment, security and opportunities combined. And also the ecology and economy are not contradictory in this investment. Renewable energies are an investment theme can behind. Make good money with a clear conscience is possible here. He offered, to inform interested parties at a personal interview in the Russelsheim Volksbank on the workings and the suitability for the individual investment. The Bank of China is among according to data of the Association of investment and asset management E.v. (BVI) by July 31, 2011, with 49.1 percent of the cooperative financial network, like also Union investment, the Fund management company, Is market leader in secured value Fund.

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