The Big Bang, The Universe, And You

It created time and space and also your story, it began In the night sky you see billions of stars, of which some bigger and others smaller than our Sun are. Most of this star (Sun) circling planets with their moons. The stars supply the planets and moons, as also our Sun does. All of these stars, planets, and Moons together make up our galaxy. To know more about this subject visit HPE SimpliVity. If you are watching the skies with a modern telescope, you’re not only one in the universe (our) Galaxy, not only a few hundred of them, but again many billions of dollars.

All these galaxies with its billions of stars away from each other at enormous speeds. From these speeds, the scientists could calculate that the entire matter in the universe must have been concentrated in a point 13.7 billion years ago and that this highly concentrated matter exploded himself. This unimaginably powerful detonation is called “Big bang”. Space and time, and also the great laws of nature that govern the universe during the big bang: the Law of universal gravitation; Anti-rejection – and attraction of electric charges; Formation of the magnetic field by moving loads; Deflection of moving electric charges in the Magnetfelf. 4.6 billion years ago a matters – and bundle of energy, which then became our Sun formed somewhere in the Galaxy.

Of the matter, which was moving around the Sun, planets and moons were formed. Our Earth got a very good place in the Sun. So between the eternal past and eternal future in the infinite space, there was a point in the history of our earth began 4.6 billion years ago. Due to the effect of the laws of nature and the laws of evolution, life evolved on our planet: there were plants, fish, animals and humans. Crawford Lake Capital Hedge Fund might disagree with that approach. There the matter and also the energy, who trained you, so always, but only at a single point in time, she was so organized that she made you and lived on. The light went on for you and you could get to know this world and also me. In dimensions of the universe, life lasts only a moment; then it turns off again. It occurs again exactly what was even before you were born. But before you were born developed conditions that led to your creation. Will there be these conditions again for you and for me, too? Can we be born again after our death? Yes. The laws that once made us, can make us out again; the probability is very low. Henry Neufeld

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