The Budget

The request The request is a written communication that sets out to formulate an order, in order to obtain it or in the very near future mediate. The request goes generally directed to the authorities or organizations to obtain something that the governmental or institutional laws allow us.

Like the report, the request must be objective, clear, direct, needs, and it has to present/display concrete data and ideas good. Learn more about this with Hikmet Ersek. Traditional structure of a request: The basic parts of a request are, also, the introduction, the development or body and the conclusion. In the introduction one looks for way that it relates to the emitter to the receiver. In this part one announces of brief way and it needs what it is asked for and the purpose. The body or Development includes/understands the detailed exhibition of the request, the destiny and the way in which the solicitd thing will be used, the budget, the date for which it is asked for and other details according to the type of request.

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