The Choice Of Type Of Advertising

Type of advertising is closely related to its objectives, and these in turn – from groups of people, the consumers of the product (service). Before choosing one or another form of advertising, you must define for itself a goal that you are pursuing in this case: 1. formation at a certain level of consumer knowledge about the product, service, and 2. formation in a certain way of consumer companies, 3. development needs in the product, service, and 4. formation of favorable attitude to the company 5. prompting consumers to turn to the firm 6. inducement to purchase this product in exactly the firm 7.

sales promotion of goods or services to use, 8. acceleration of trade, 9. desire to make this a permanent consumer purchaser of this product, a regular customer of the firm; 10. formation from other companies a reliable partner of the image. The list can be modified or proceed in accordance with your notions of order. However, this list is enough detail so that it can be to identify the needs of the firm. In practice, advertising rarely has only one purpose, usually in A promotional event goals intersect. All these targets advertising can be grouped by task, which is aimed at addressing the advertisement: Image advertising – objectives 2,3,4,10, Enabling ad-purpose 1,5,6,7,8-stability Advertising 5,9,10-purpose image advertising in general, it is advertising to create a favorable image (image) of your company and products. Its primary role of such advertising – to familiarize potential customers with the products, with its purpose, characteristics, as well as activities, with the benefits that accrue to the buyer, referring to you.

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