The Communist Party

In this direction, one of the disagreements of the PCB, the PC of the B followed this way and in 1966 the party starts to send militant the region of the Araguaia in the part north, more necessarily to the South of Par. The Communist Party of Brazil in contrast of the other armed organizations urban, did not opt to the actions in the cities, decided its logistic problems without needing to appeal the expropriatrias action and was saved of the desgastantes effect, that they had provoked in the other organizations and thus she had conditions to carry through the dream of as much other groups: to deflagrar the agricultural guerrilla. When arriving at the region of the Araguaia the militant ones of the PC of the B established relations of work with the inhabitants, nothing of if identifying as guerrila and that they intended to initiate a socialist revolution in that place. They had assumed activities of farmers and small traders and if they had restricted to one practical assistencial: education in the schools, mutires, small services of nursing, etc., without raising suspicion of the local population. In 1972, some guerrillas already presented preparation for the fight armed. The composition of the militant ones of the party that was in the Araguaia was in its majority of the Brazilian middle class; they were university and secundaristas, professional students liberal, banking, etc. and only very little laborers. It is proven in this direction, fraqussimo enraizamento of the PC of the B in the laboring classroom and the social campesinato, basic categories, according to its proper doctrine, for the success of the revolutionary fight. was accurately in this year that the Brazilian army started the search for the guerrillas. The first one, of April the June of 1972, mobilized thousand of men, conscripts common in its bigger part and it did not cheat to win the guerrilla, exactly the second onslaught of the army in September-October did not reach better resulted.

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