The Customer, The Manager, The Business

Determine what will be the best marketing strategy you apply, that is, as are the conditions that you sell that product. You offer your customer which are the benefits of the product which gives benefit, which apart from the competition, and that solution will bring. Third, stock options (The different variants that you offer to pay) if any, for that you’ve previously analyzed and thoroughly. Maybe before deciding the final strategy would be important that you ask the following questions. What I’m selling? Do you allow any benefit or advantage of the product? How I can create a demand for this product? Who should I sell? We need to “know exactly” what is the market niche where it will offer your product.

This shortens the path between the product and your customer. You can get amazing results if you take the time to discover and know exactly who your customers. SET THE PRICE Any person engaged in the trade know very well that you can not set the price you want, except on rare occasions. This is determined by the law of supply and demand. But generally, if the product is too expensive, do not buy it, you’ll lose sales if it is too expensive and lose money. Negotiation for the effective negotiation must be established prior to offer some alternatives to your client, and you note that the attempt to achieve better conditions in terms of product delivery and above all fight to get the best price. You must be very clear about “what is the floor” that can reach the price.

Many times the excitement of making the sale are offered special conditions or excessive discounts eventually ends up on the sale does not provide profit or loss stops. If you think of this, the first thing you do is say “enough” until I came here. And you should not or get caught torturate I’m thinking, Look at it from another point of view because in the end is just “a problem” just solved. Any problem can be solved with money, is not a problem, it is an expense. Once you’ve realized the error is lost is lost. So sometimes need to say no to time. We need to say NO. Do not fool yourself thinking that because it is “negotiable” MUST be negotiated. Many times a “NO” to avoid problems later time. Finally, I let a golden rule: Nothing will convince more to your client or prospect, that your product is recommended by someone who already purchased.

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