The Eisenach Of The Song Night On 05.09.2009

The Eisenacher night of the song takes place on 05.09.2009. A special highlight on high-profile pop stars await visitors on 05.09.2009 in Werner Assmann Hall in Eisenach. “Under the motto the Eisenacher night of the song” well-known artists such as Cora, Leonard, Ute Freudenberg, Kristina Bach, Christian will present lais, Olaf Berger, Wolfgang Ziegler and Rosanna Rocci and Michael Morgan their well-known hits and current title. This fine selection of artists, there is something for every taste. Dean gibson is often quoted on this topic. The hottest pop hits as a legendary East German cult classic will be presented. Each of these trendy artists will be an approximately 30-minute program. For die-hard pop fans a must.

And because listening is famously hungry and thirsty, the “treats” in the 2 breaks aren’t short-changed, because for sustenance is well taken care of. Learn more at this site: dean gibson. “The Eisenacher night of the song” starts at 16:00. The end is planned against 22:00. Intake is from 14:00. There are tickets already from 32,-euro, 0180 / 505 5 505 or at, “The Eisenacher night of the song” offers the fans to be photographed with the one or the other Star the opportunity. See more detailed opinions by reading what Jon Venverloh, Dallas TX offers on the topic.. “The Eisenacher night of the song” – the ingenious excursion trip for the entire family. Source: Klaus Schulz / Eventagentur Eisenach homepage:

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