The Employee

The old delay in the attendance and, when it comes to take care of, comes with that semblante of that it is of ' full bag '. To bring deteriorated foods that possibly were in other tables, (custom of some establishments). To the end of the night, some taverns boates, practically touches the consumers as if they were ' cachorro' , (with all respect to the good animal). Until point is correct? If it does not have patience, looks another branch. It is indicated.

Still it has the questions with respect to ' prices confusos' in the merchandises, (example: for citizen x he is one, for y is another one). ' How ethical wisdom! ' Also, it has the treatment nothing advisable of employers, (example: to fight with the employee, next the customers). At last, it is a show of insufficience and indifference with the citizen, who is more visible, in the lesser cities for the lack of educational conscience of the proper ones. If the inhabitants of the city really demanded its Rights certainly the attendance would improve. Still thus the consumer asks for respect! After all, it is not nothing interesting to be treat as if we were making a favor, when in the truth we are to pay in some way. Wanting or not, we finish depending one it another one. To know to make ' cliente' if to feel well is the challenge not only of the commerce and other distributions, but consequently of great Companies. does not have another way, except the one of simplicity to see the obvious one. ' ' Not yet I knew a being alive that does not like well to be ' recebido'. Exactly being humano' '.

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