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The savannahs are the correspondent to the open pasture and have similar climate to the one of Brasilia. They are very barren regions, where rains if concentrate in an only period of the year. The disequilibrium provoked for the effect greenhouse could be the most catastrophic of history human being if not to search alternatives and solution to the problem. The companies cannot operate in a vacuum politician, need firm leadership of the governments and incentives. She sees what Charles prince said, heir of the British throne, in June of 2008: ' ' (…) thousand of people who live in the region of the Amazonian forest ' ' they live with an income very low.

They need ways stop to guarantee that the effort not to destroy the forests is valid the penalty. She would be necessary to create some type of package in form of incentives so that these people do not degrade the forests. We cannot wait for new technologies. It does not have time for this. If the deforestation not to diminish quickly, will have more dries and to large-scale hunger ' '. the forecast, according to scientists, is that, in decades not very far, if to last the problems without concrete search of solution, it will have 150 refugee million in everybody.

The increase of the cattle one in the region that transforms the forest into grass is responsible for a great part of the deforestation added to the forest fires. cites more: ' ' The governments, great companies and consumers must be joined in a joint effort for finally to the devastao florestal' '. In the United States, 95% of the forest areas already had been destroyed, and in it covets of the Brazilian Amaznia, this and other countries play in the international media ' ' notcias' ' tendenciosas placing in xeque Brazilian sovereignty and of Amazonian countries on regio.' ' The European Union only has 0.3% of its bush original' '. (Squid, in press conference in Rome). Of who it is the Amaznia, after all? ' , it says ' New Times' The American Periodical ' ' New York Times' ' it published in 18 of May of 2008, a news article with the heading ' ' Of who afinal&#039 is the Amaznia; ' , placing in xeque the Brazilian sovereignty on the forest. Three days before New York Times, the daily English ' ' The Independent' ' it wrote: ' ' this part (the Amaznia) is very important to be left with brasileiros' '. Days later, the Spanish Periodical El Country left which clearly is the intentions: ' ' the world has the eyes ranks in the wealth of floresta' '. It is not for another reason, therefore the media announces that some schools of U.S.A. already present the map of Brazil without the Amaznia and the pantanal. Legal Amaznia with its nine occupies 61% of the Brazilian territory, what it is equivalent the half of the Europe.

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