The FIDOR Bank

FIDOR Bank lowers interest rates with instant credit for life insurance Munich, 19 May 2010: A too expensive debt is not only the problem of many public budgets. Private households suffer from high interest payments and repayment obligations. The FIDOR Bank AG has made it his mission here a first assistance to a lighter”to give future. The existing offer for the loan of a life insurance policy is increased accordingly in its appeal. The loan from 3,000 euros opened the maximum number of interested parties access to this offer. Also unique: The loan can be – wiped without any penalties. Last but not least with an interest rate from 3.9% offer a low-cost and flexibility-enhancing alternative to the typically three times as expensive overdraft per annum.

The FIDOR Bank beleiht any life insurance completed under German law as an effective annual percentage rate of 3.9 percent per annum ( lv-sofortkredit), if the current value of the buy-back of 3.000,-EUR is located. This rate is valid for a period of 12 months. At 24 months the interest rate is 4.40% p.a., 36 months 5.25% p.a.. Another special feature: The FIDOR Bank beleiht the policies up to 100 percent of the current value of the buy-back. Usually only 70 to 90 percent of the current value of the buy-back are feasible”, says Dr. Michael Maier, product management board the FIDOR Bank AG. Our House is continuing so its very customer-oriented way.

“In addition to the first class conditions, there is the advantage that customers at any time can expunge e.g. the credit sum free of penalty payments” as they are otherwise common. ” The advantages of the LV instant credit of the FIDOR Bank at a glance: cheap: very favourable compared with market interest rate from 3.9 percent per annum effective for everyone: loan to value each life insurance policy from a buy-back value of 3.000,-EUR completed under German law alternative: unit-linked life insurance policies are up to 50 percent are.

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