The Human Behavior

' BEHAVIOR HUMANO' ' To count a veridica and well interesting history monstrando the one that point arrives the human behavior. To some years behind at a time of day of the mothers, it had and I have some contacts that were mothers. Then I made question to make a special message only for these ' ' mames' ' of the contacts. Amongst these people it had a called young woman Eliane Fields that also said mother. It did not know it the much time, but exactly thus I made question of includes-there, having no type of preconception for the fact of does not know-there little, therefore, it started to be part of the cycle of contacts.

However the fact of being was lie mother. But it played, but a cold behavior supported this lie adopting and it harmed that me professionally. Detail, this person still has a sister that she is psychologist, by the way, more serious. Some can until saying: ' ' ahhh, this type of thing is normal Many for ' ' aparecerem' ' they lie or they make until pior' '. It can until being, but the question that is: the society lost the sense of what it is right or wrong? It seems until ' ' piegas' ' this, but which then the difference thus enters a lie and those young that had burnt an alive indian who slept behind in a bank of square to some years in Brasilia! They remember it or the society has short memory for facts thus! For these and others that if make beings as soon as they find that they are above of the good and the evil and find that everything is normal. Already they had perceived this!

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