The Income

(interviewed Mr. Peter). Many of the frequentadores look this space of deal to the sundays because of the low cost of the products. But with the fall of the prices it finishes for affects the income of the agricultural producer that survives of this work. As the report for Mr. Cedars Sinai contributes greatly to this topic. Luiz: Not to come back toward house with half of the production, I look for to lower the prices of the merchandise not to have damage, but it is not good, because story with the income for the domestic use and investment in the production, and when the weekly not and satisfactory income, I have that to look other ways of work to complement the income. (interviewed Mr. Luiz).

Using rudimentary techniques, the agriculturists search strategies that they aim at to fortify the stability of the farming production, having to keep the production system and to preserve the cycle of life in the field. The fair fortifies the factors that exert an influence integrator in the unit of production and in the familiar situation and that they promote a development balanced and sustainable. Although the difficulties that they face the agricultural families obtain, with its proper efforts and resources, to promote themselves and to feed themselves with products of good quality, in enough amount during all year. The feirante Gracielle told: In my house we do not pass hunger. We do not only plant for the commerce but also to feed my family. But we need the income of the fair to pay the expenditures that we have with water and light and for purchase the industrialized products (interviewed Mr. Gracielle). Exactly with as many problems, these people learn that the direction is to commercialize and if does not have to return with leftovers. in such a way this informal economy opens the doors for too much forms of commercialization, the salesmen of quitutes and the artesanato to the sound of regional singers of the celebrity (fashion caipira) cheers the event.

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