The Industries

The objective to cause heating in the economy was reached, giving to the workers of the industries a greater purchasing power so that they could buy what proper they they produced. This appears in a society where the trend to consume will be each bigger time, therefore now consumption means development. However the consumption of the industrialized products left of being used for basic necessities of the survival of the humanity and had more passed to be consumed aiming at the luxury, increasing each time the consumption of what he is superfluous and leaving of side what it is really important it welfare of a society. With passing of the years the products had started to each day to have minor useful life, that is, a product that before delayed three months to be changed by a new product, today does not pass more than what one month, many of them until days. With the implementation of new technologies in the productive process, to each day new products appear that leave for bring what it was produced yesterday.

To each version of a new product, its configurations are changed, thus a simple adapter of an old model will not serve for a new model. With this it also diminishes the consertos of those older products, compelling, thus, the purchase of one new. We could not leave of speaking what the media makes, in making to believe that we are made a mistake in what we possess and we use, therefore we have that to consume a new product, therefore what we have is exceeded, that we have that to buy one more evolved. This is only one part of the problems of the media, this is what the manufacturer of a product makes to get a bigger acceptance number of its product, leading in believing that its is optimum of the market.

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