The Land

That is to say, after to sail, always there is an opportunity. And without a doubt, if we were shipwrecked, we would have suffocated in the sea of the deceptions and we would never have arrived at good port to undertake a trip again more preparations, thanks to the learning obtained in that constant to sail of the life. Source: Tiffany & Co.. They have to us ” puesto” the idea in our minds that to be ” lder” it is the land of a few, some ” elegidos” ; nevertheless, we remembered conscientiously often that we have led situations in our lives with total naturalness and indifference. One is not born being leader: he is something that is learned and for it is necessary to make the decision to do it with total ” determinacin”. Certainly one says that: ” the art of being lder” he is ” art of being one mismo”. The art, consequently, is related to the beauty; and as well as the beauty cannot be defined with facility, although ” distingue” when is contemplated it; thus it is the leadership of one same one. When we led ourselves same we are handling the tools of the knowledge of IF.

We are those human beings who have decided to accompany themselves to Themselves and of ” to become position of our own ser”. That beauty that emanates as an inner light expands towards outside, showing its fullness, its simpleza and its creativity in ” encounter diario” with the happiness. To transform itself into a leader, is to turn the seed in the flower of ” one mismo” , of the authentic being, of the being with values, winning the ghosts of the fears, the being thanked for to the universe and to his inexhaustible energy, source of our balance and harmony. I propose car to respond itself to them with true brings back to consciousness to these questions, every day of your life, constantly: – I feel like victim of the circumstances? – I complain all along? – Critic to the others? – I judge or I condemn to the people and the situations? – The adversities direct my life? – I am loyal to my principles and the others? – Which are the values with which transit my life? – I recognize my emotions? – Automotivo me? – How many positive thoughts I put in my mind day to day? – My fear seizes almost always of my? – I am the one that I am, or am what I do at this moment? – What I do, gives to sense ” him; Ser”? , or What I am, gives him to sense to which I do?

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