The Pregnant Belts, Fashion At 50 .

I prefer the belt that fastens with hooks. Do not recommend you do not have hooks. For the wedding of a cousin bought me a belt without hooks, the pressure is rising. While dancing, the band began rolling it, was a problem because, or two pieces danced and ran to the bathroom to accommodation, or rather I would sit. Was impossible to take off the belt, the dress did not close. This time, “I was most beautiful was sitting.” Therefore I decided on the Gaza hooks. I bought one for my sister’s wedding.

Everything works well with this range, but as or drink alcohol during the party, but if you entered the bar and I pour a beer, the picture changes. This is the secret to the bands, not to eat, we should not take even water. Swallow But if you are like me and want to show off her waist, Take all the pictures before eating. Because after you eat and drink, the belt will begin to get pregnant. That’s how I made my discovery: At the wedding of my sister I released my belt hooks. I remember that after a few beers and I relaxed the belly too, because it started to grow. It was not even half of the party and I seemed to be five months pregnant.

But that was not the whole problem. Go to the bathroom was an ordeal. By the time I was my turn, after a long line, wanted to cut up the clips to take off the damn belt. 10 hooks that I had to buckle later. Working hook by hook, bottom-up, promised not to drink more beer. About two hours later, I had to go to the bathroom again. It looked seven months pregnant and ready to explode hallucinating. He was sweating. When I finally reached the holy toilet, I threw a hook to the floor. I remember that the task of raising the belt again was nearly impossible. I started to rant against the thin skeletal and against big-bellied men who want us skinny. The hooks of the hooked as I could, unable to repair the lost hook gap, which of course was immediately occupied by my excesses. Breath “and not so deep”, for what not to throw another hook, and prepared to leave the bathroom. With head erect and a little less “pregnant” I walked to my table and here, while across the room, I made my discovery, had at least twenty pregnant women around me, some dancing, some sitting and, of course, many sweating and ready to explode in line at the bathroom.

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