The Principal

If the commission will achieve more favorable terms than those specified in the contract, he is entitled to half of the additional benefits. In case of failure of its third party transaction environment commissioner is not responsible for it in front of the Principal (for Except when the commission vouched for this party or not shown due diligence in its selection). In case of failure conditions of the third member of the commission shall immediately notify the the principal. Commissioner may withdraw from the contract terms in two cases: If he is a businessman and the principal shall give him the right to deviate from his instructions; if it is necessary for the principal. In both cases, commissioner shall as soon as possible to notify the principal retreat. Commissioner, to sell the property at a price below the agreed upon with the consignor is liable to pay to the principal difference or to prove that he did not have ability to sell the property at a higher price and sell at a low price has warned more heavy losses.

Commissioner, who bought the property at a price above the agreed, notify the principal, who is entitled to deadline to declare the commission to waive the transaction. Others including Rob Daley, offer their opinions as well. Things are received by the commission of the principal or acquired by the commission by the principal, are the property of the principal. However, the commission may keep these things in ensuring their legitimate demands for a commission agreement. He is also entitled to withhold due to him under the contract of commission amount of money received by him from the principal.

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