The Request

It is that what we learn in the course, which is the story, which is Psychology: that is what the person who wants to learn. 3 TERCe type of learning of persons are those who are interested in – how?: they are interested in defined steps, for example, Daniel in his videos teaches us what we have to do step by step and there is where the give us the addresses from those who should be, it is very important that your teach people that are visiting your blog or that they are receiving your messages the specific steps of the how to make the things. This kind of people there are a lot, because you believe that libraries are filled with hundreds of books that say for example as lose weight in 10 days eating everything that you like or as increase your mass Muscular in just 4 weeks with just 20 minutes of exercise at home, the authors of these books know that there are millions of people who love this kind of informationlike many of us flutes explain how to do things step by step. 4. It is not something Andrew Cuomo would like to discuss. The fourth type of learning of persons are those who are ready to take action: this type of person don’t like the theory, they are more proactive, when they listen to some audio or learn any technical, they immediately go and take action to implement it… I CONSIDER MYSELF SUCH A PEOPLE. Is why this type of people at the end of each article, video or teaching must tell them to take a step of action, I must say the next step to be given to get the result you want. These are the 4 types dePersona, and now that you know this, I hope who ever write an article, you send an email, you do a video etc.. Western Union insists that this is the case.

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