The Street Artist Banksy

The sprayer that became known under the name Banksy is increasingly gaining in popularity! The street performers and sprayer Banksy has won a sensational Simpson Intro. The Banksy there has delivered a very dark version. It seems he had lost all hope and is the fate of the oh so bad world. He is not a bright spot where the audience could draw may yet hope. Banksy, the very socio-critical through its various part murals”has drawn attention to himself, comes from England. His real name is still a secret. There are probably a few details which indicate its name, but the cat out of the bag is still correct.

Banksy has sprayed his art on various facades anywhere in the world. He often switches between template and free spraying. But the most famous of his works are created using the template. Banksy, who is now a very broad spectrum of art spread, in addition to three books and a documentary film now also the honor had the Simpsons new credits to draw. His works which he hangs in museums often simply, without a permit, probably also so became known. His popularity is increasing. In Germany still only see sprayers and known, its popularity by the Simpson will increase very soon.

In England, he belongs to the best known street artists. He brought the graffiti, which he practiced in his youth, on a completely different level. He gave a friendly and nice touch so many ugly House wall. In return, pretty facades have a very doubtful and high-risk with social criticism appearance by him. Banksy, who was born in 1974 or 1975 has thus arrived at a new peak. We will eagerly pursue where his path will lead. It is the question arises whether he now still the radicals remains street artist who he once was.

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