The Temporary Allocation Mechanisms

The temporary allocation of waiting is an allowance regime solidarity. Succeeding the introduction allowance, is paid to asylum seekers and certain categories of foreign nationals and persons awaiting reintegration. This allowance is paid by the ASSEDIC. This allowance is: 1 – foreign nationals aged over 18 who have sought asylum in France and have submitted a request to be granted refugee status. They must have a temporary residence permit valid. 2 – Applicants for asylum must not be from a country deemed safe by OFPRA. 3 – aliens beneficiaries of temporary protection.

They must produce the documents provided by a decision of the Council of the European Union. 4 – Foreign nationals beneficiaries of subsidiary protection. They must produce a decision OFPRA or the Refugee Appeals Commission giving them the benefit of subsidiary protection. 5 – The foreign victims of trafficking in human beings. They must have obtained a certificate of protection of the state. 6 – stateless. They must be registered as jobseekers. 7 – former prisoners, when the duration of their detention has been more than two months, and being registered as unemployed.

8 – expatriate workers not covered by the unemployment insurance system which, upon their return to France, require a period of 182 working days during the 12 months preceding the end of their contract of employment. The right to grant temporary waiting can be opened only once under each of several categories. But a person may receive several times the ATA, but with different titles, since all other conditions are met. For benefit from the temporary allocation of waiting, applicants must provide proof of monthly income less than the amount of RMI based on family composition ( 447.91 for a single person, 671.87 for a couple, these amounts are increased by 134.37 dependent child), be registered as a jobseeker, be employable, and be aged under 60 or 65 years. The daily amount of interim assistance waiting is set to 10.38 for the year 2008, be revised, once per year, depending on the evolution of prices excluding tobacco provided in the Economic Report, social and financial. The temporary allocation of waiting is not subject to the CSG or CRDS. The allowance is subject to tax against income. The duration of payment of interim assistance waiting varies categories of recipients: 1-for asylum seekers, the allowance is renewed every month until the final decision of acceptance or refusal of refugee status, provided that the conditions of resources and seeking employment are still met. 2 – for beneficiaries of temporary protection, payment of the allowance is terminated if the council of the European Union decides to withdraw the protection. 3 – for other categories of beneficiaries, the benefit is paid for 12 months maximum, subject to the conditions of resources and seeking employment are still satisfied. The application for the benefit of the temporary allocation of waiting must be filed with the ASSEDIC to which the applicant resides. The applicant’s record must contain: the questionnaire requested by Assedic evidence of its resources, bank details and documents to justify the statute under which he asked the temporary allocation of waiting. Source: In

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