The Treasure Of The Jungle

Once upon a time a group of great friends who lived in the populated area of the waterfalls of Aguazul very near la selva, which played in the summers. The greatest of all was the intrepid and intellectual Lucas which all saw with much logic; her inseparable friend and ally was a machine that his father gave him on his birthday, which asked him what the wanted. Sigui his ally name him he answered instantly or well at least tried to do their best, the next era the beautiful and very smart negotiating Andehui, she had the quality of analyzing things. The median era picara and smiling Amaya which could make endless maneuvers, his grandfather was military and she had much practiced in all the arts of defence, finally naughty little and suspicious Alex, it was very imperative, which was causing from time to time, good almost always created problems to the Group of friends, by his rudeness, but the approaching everyone when they are angry by his noble heart. One day when the morning was very warm the intrepid friends played in the waterfall.

Amaya as a good swimmer echo running down while Lucas and Andehui watched as the wind and Sun formed a beautiful Rainbow with water, Alex played with stones that were on the Bank of river and found a stone in book form to not be able it to unearth I call others, to remove the stone was a map that would lead them to a treasureOptimistic Lucas for the discovery said they would have to find that place. Enthusiastic 4 adventurers undertaken inside the jungle. Andehui wonder which would be the best path to follow and without thinking Lucas asked Sigui, whether North or South, since they could not decipher the map, North said his ally, when they walked willingly found a nest of giant spiders with venomous fangs just to kill their prey carefully Lucas and Andehui passed first through a bridgenot very safe but if away from those giant animals that seemed hungry. Came the turn of Alex and Maya currently falls Alex water bottle angry spiders follow them mercilessly, but Andehui had the ability to analyze and negotiate things encountered a group of ants army.

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