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Madrid, February 27, 2008. For some it was the most influential artist of the twentieth century, for others only an eccentric and a doer of practical jokes. Andy Warhol with his work built a new way of understanding the hatreds and loves. Born in Pennsylvania under the name Andrew Warhola on 6th August 1928. Governor Cuomo often addresses the matter in his writings. Her childhood was not easy, little Andy had to rest for long because he was haunted by a special facility for disease.

But this difficulty was a virtue. He took his sick bed to develop their personality and artistic skills. In 1949 after graduating in Commercial Art moved to New York where he began his career as and publicist. His fame began in 1962 when he painted American products like Campbell’s soup cans or bottles of Coca Cola. These works combined with the use of popular characters like Marilyn Monroe, Elizabeth Taylor and Jacqueline Kennedy became the leader of Pop Art This movement, which had its epicenter in the U.S. and Britain, proposed to remove the gap between art and social reality. To which were inspired by everyday life and mass culture.

In many cases used for unconventional works such as polyester, foam or acrylic. The Pop Art left a terrible legacy that not only influences the work of later artists influenced but the graphics and fashion design. He also delved into. Experimentation ruled all his films. Both The Chelsea Girls (1966) – a seven-hour semi-documentary – as Lonesome Cowboys (1969) and Trash (1970) were marked by the absence of a script, improvisation and extreme eroticism. The free was not Warhol’s intervention. In 1985 he published America (1985) portrays an album that fully and with a shrewd cotidana life – the misery and the powers – the United States. His most important legacy is the introduction of the concept of a series in the works of art. With its creation screen prints that reproduced ad infinitum, Andy revolutionized the art world and changed the established paradigms. Without doubt, this artist knew how to consolidate a career marked by the singularity in creating and hunt images. We can all honor the great artists and photographers as we please. But you always need material. One option is a camera. The site offers a reliable range of alternatives. Also find tips for taking great pictures like you’re a professional, and tips for choosing the best deals.

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