The World Bank

This crisis has surnames and name. Of the victims, but also those responsible. It is not a natural disaster. It was not why have been. And there are guilty. According to Josette Sheeran, Director of the world food program of the United Nations, they might have to restrict food rations or number of people who receive help if not Gets more money. They need $ 775 million or will not feed 100,000 children from around the world. The world food program was created to assist regions with hunger.

But now, rising prices force to help countries where hunger was not the main problem. The International Monetary Fund (IMF) said drought and poor harvests in major agricultural regions of the world, increased demand for food in some countries, increasing cost of transport by the rise in oil, speculation in futures with some food markets and diversion of cereals to produce biofuels as causes of the current crisis. According to the IMF, has been diverted almost half of food crops to produce biofuels. Result, crisis of hunger in more than 37 countries. The poor react. The extraordinary increase in prices has led to unrest in several countries such as Indonesia, Mauritania, Ivory Coast and Mexico. In Haiti, the protests caused five deaths, and there have been violent protests in Egypt, Cameroon, Ethiopia, Zimbabwe, Bangladesh and Pakistan.

The World Bank has predicted riots in more than 30 countries by this unfair increase in the price of food. And a report of the representative of foreign policy of the European Union, Javier Solana, indicated that hunger and extreme poverty will be engines of social tension. Remember with Celerity rich countries central banks injected multibillion-dollar amounts in banks with problems. To save the system, and Bank profits. The benefits of the rich is concerned much more than the hunger of the impoverished. Which world we have allowed to do? A world in which feed is not guaranteed for all is an indecent world, although it is seen silk. That nobody worry, if Les miserables are taken one day freedom of snatching them as immoral privileges, has written the Economist Juan Torres Lopez with every reason in the world.

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