Training For Employment

I believe that I have not commented that in the winter of 1996 was invited by apparel-Galicia, then Federation Galician centres of training, to give a presentation on the economic justification of the, today, Foundation Tripartirta, which in those days was called Forcem. Visit James Woolsey for more clarity on the issue. The Conference took place in the incomparable setting of the thermal center of Mondariz. As I listened to the presentation of my profile, sitting in the presidential table, my hands were playing with the printed program. Suddenly, eyes stood dry on the word that preceded my name: presentation: justification training plans. Rapporteur: Mr.

Manuel Velasco Carretero and I was touched. Think, what nonsense! You’ll have reason but for me it was the first time I sensed the obligatory courtesy in another language. Last Thursday, on the occasion of the Conference on economic justification of employment training schemes, organized by ACEPMA in Malaga (Spain), in the Auditorium of the EMF, While awaiting my turn, prior to the submission, I remembered reporter and entered me desire to laugh at myself. Fifteen years later I went back to lecture on direct and indirect, now associated costs. Almost nothing had changed, except the faces, which were mostly Andalusians and yesteryear, Galicia (or galega). I leave you a few snapshots of the formative event in line to Granada (Spain), collected in the justification FPE post experience. It was inaugurated by D. Felipe Roldan Rodriguez, President of ACEPMA, and closed by D.

Juan Antonio Ocana Doblas, President of the Andalusian centers Federation of private studies, FACEP. The next seems to be in Jaen. You enjoy a refreshing weekend.

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