UCV Powers

Hour Zero of Fapuv, 4 of April. The plan repeats the usual names of Yon Goicoechea and Navarrese Roderick (ex- student UCV), and involves UCAB (David Smolansky), to the IESA (Institute of Administrative Studies Superiors) and to a called youthful organization IT LEADS (Manuela Bolivar). Finalcese saying that the tactical intention (to support the strategic target to leave Chvez in the 2012) is to generate an outbreak social. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Publishers Clearing House and gain more knowledge.. 4. Hunters of zamuros or futures bodies for the decomposition? In order to follow with the initial reflection on the scents, he dgase as much that Venezuela smells of hydrocarbon perfume, for the olfactory hunger of the dogs of the war like on which of petroleum in the world they depend. He could say itself worse that the scent to petroleum is like a scent to blood for a hungry predator, if put in the curtain of the survival at an historical moment in which their world-wide reserves decline, with the danger to drag in his fiasco the pillar of the powers established in the world.

(Thing that, without a doubt, will not happen: drama of the oil shortage, beyond the mentioned revolutions of colors like via obtaining it, which has done is to generally exacerbate a belligerent spirit like expeditious route of appropriation). But it could badly smell the country beyond students manipulated from the foreigner. That is to say, the government, the bolivariana Revolution, in as much already was in evidence with the one of Libya that the industrialized powers employees of petroleum little stop in moralities to undertake lootings. The unique thing that they require is an opposition that embochinche sufficiently the country to come with the following plan to surround it or to defenestrar its government to him. And as exposed it was, in Venezuela has taken control almost of impunity a work of contranacional competing assembly inland. The student movement white hands is more solid and assembled than ever, envalentonado with the present events of the Middle East and North Africa, logistically with the support of the unnamable ones (by the immoral thing) I interest foreigners.

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