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In 1824, the last version, the Summary View of the Principle of Population (a Vision Summarized of the beginning of the Population), ' ' in the United States not only it has abundance of good land as well as, for the way as she has been distributed and for the market that has been opened to its products, it has had bigger and more constant demand for man power and has been guaranteed to the worker an amount of ways of ampler subsistence of what in any another equal possessing country of or bigger abundance of lands. In 23 of December of a 1834 in Bath southwestern city of England Mathus it comes the death with the age of 69 years. 3? THEORY MALTHUSIANA better to understand the formularization of the malthusiana theory, must know which had been the available resources at the time and the fact that the attention of Malthus for the elaboration of its theory attracted. Malthus initiated its research on population growth in 1797 middle when still he was economy and history professor politics in a college of the Company of India, Haileybury. During this period, the world lived the Industrial Revolution: event that provoked an intense displacement of the agricultural population for the cities. This population found in the city a sanitary situation very better and this reduced the tax of mortality providing a constant population increase.

With this, Malthus publishes, in 1798, an workmanship essay on the principle of population (an assay on the beginning of the population) considering that the population would go to fold to each 25 years and that the population would grow in a geometric progression while the food production would grow in an arithmetical progression. Malthus cites its theory in the two first chapters of its workmanship: ' ' … Can surely be declared that the population, when not controlled, fold to each 25 years, or increases in a geometric reason.

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