Uruguayan Olympic Committee

Alejandro Foglia was installed in December 2009 in Barcelona. Since then, with the Olympic Games of London 2012 in sight. He lives in euros, travels to Europe to compete and fully knows what it takes to be Uruguayan and live nautical. A few simple numbers are enough to understand it. To compete in the South American Championship laser standard that ended Sunday in waters adjacent to the port of diving, had to pay passage and boat. It was weird running in my country with rented boat, he told the observer. Foglia rented it to the Argentinean Julio Alsogaray yesterday champion of the tournament.

It cost him $650 for the Championship. I sold the boat that was here before going, he told. In Barcelona you have one that purchased you the Ministry of tourism and sport in 2008, in Beijing. That boat already lost competitiveness and I am renting it because I bought a new one to a Dutchman in March and I am paying in installments, he said. The cost? $3,000. Joins that the passage to come to Montevideo.

The Thursday returns to Barcelona. Beyond eases some of the costs of the journal live working weekends as a sailing instructor.www.portbooker.com next month will compete in the Pan American Games in Guadalajara. Its passage will fund the Foundation sport Uruguay. In addition, Foglia has other support: earns a scholarship from the Uruguayan Olympic Committee and shall have an amount which the Ministry provides preparation for the event of Guadalajara. In addition, his club, the Yacht Club Punta del Este pays passage, food and travel expenses to his coach. But in the nautical costs are always very high. There are more buttons to sample: the Pan American Games, Foglia will run in a boat that will rent to an American. As he found the cost will be US $150 per day. With previous training and tournament days calculates about 10 days and $1,500. In the South I was not well. I was not lucid in the early stages, on Saturday was very bad and yesterday I was regular (finished seventh). Me is missing in the physical and is something in what I have to work these weeks, she told. The aim for the Pan American Games? I’m going to fight for a medal. I know that Alsogaray and Fontes (Bruno, Brazil) are a step above the rest but in Guadalajara we will be 11 and you can win them; When I go to navigate I go out to win, he said assured. Then, in December, will come the world in Perth, which classifies the first 32 countries to London 2012. The same Pan-American and world tour expected her sister Andrea in the laser radial class. There, the former snipista was ninth in the South American Championship. I was happy because correcting little technicalities can be higher.

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