Vehicle Rescue Close

How are trapped accident victim recovered? Birstein (hop) – Birsteiner fire departments showed a fashion show of a different kind in addition to attractions for children such as handmade buttons with different motives. To know more about this subject visit Madeleine Sackler. Those who visited also the fire of the many visitors to the Festival site on the occasion of the 59th Birsteiner market, was informed with a rich program and thoughtfully. By the same author: Madeleine Sackler. As an additional attraction, even the lift had been put by the local colleagues from Hanau. After all, this mobile platform enables a working height up to 35 meters. Thus was the best vantage point there probably, since the cars and the vintage tractor worked more like match box models.

The Birsteiner disciples of Florian had come up with all kinds of informative and viewers were able to see their “fire touch”. Pronounced many laughs but little or no acceptance of the “market bargain”, the Dineshod found Stephan Richter the audience offered for 5 euros there was “Convertible hot ala guys”. Instead the viewers but at least one could Scrap car step by step experience how to disassemble a car with brute force. The team step by step exactly as in real life, how a such person rescue is demonstrated with two dolls as simulated occupants. Formerly first air released from the tires, the helpers today first build a solid “support structure” for the chassis made of strips of wood.

To Jack up the car, it is with the spreader lifted something, place the wood block and it dropped off. It’s important for the injured to evacuees, the vibrations are reduced to a minimum. The easiest and comfortable for the injured person is the rescue through the door, which will cut out if necessary. This is not possible, the roof must be removed to allow access to the victims. In such a case, a helper as the next entry into the Interior, gives you, if necessary through the rear. He remains with them, calms the responsive accident victims and covers to protect against splinters with ceiling. Since both the generator as the use of spreaders and scissors is also loud, he explained the injured also step by step, what will be done, it also shocks are but sometimes unavoidable. The airbags, which have different trigger points for every car make require special care. Therefore, there are exact specifications that can be queried in case of need via the control station. The windscreen is sawn and gradually cut the columns between chassis and the roof. Then the complete roof lifted off and started the actual evacuation of the injured. Actually, it almost unnecessary to mention that each of these steps in close cooperation and consultation will be with the doctor on call. More and more spectators gathered, breathless and fascinated watching this spectacle, because every motorist knows that he can come at any time in such a situation. This made particularly impressive this realistic demonstration of course.

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