Viability Bank

Constantly many overwhelmed families appear to us because they have contracted a series of debts like: monthly payment of the quota of the mortgage, financing of credit cards, personal purchase of car on credit, loans and others. All these debts make nonviable that a person can maintain his estatus without seeing itself affected deeply in her ordinary life. In order to be able to do against this situation, we can reconstruct our personal finances, constituting a new mortgage that covers all the loans that we have, which include very high interests, turning it into long term liabilities with preferential interest. In order to make a reunification of debts, the bank demands a series to us of requirements, within which we were whereupon the amount of the loan does not have to surpass 60% of the value of appraisal of the guarantee and that the rate of effort does not surpass 50% of our monthly income. It is very important that we prepare ourselves very well to present/display the operation to the bank and that can have a high percentage of East acceptance we can obtain objective it following a methodology that contemplates the following elements: Complete file: The bank will make a series of studies with personal documents, income and the guarantee. Viability of the operation: Verification of the fulfillment of the credit parameters of the bank, eg: quantity of the loan, quota to pay, to ratio of indebtedness and value of market of the property Once realised the study, our bank will indicate to us if the operation is pre approved. In the affirmative case, it comes to appraise the house and later to sign the operation in notary’s office. It is important to emphasize that if the operation is discarded by the bank, we must go deep in the reasons that gives us to the bank for its refusal and if it is possible to correct these points, we can try to present/display it in other organizations, or is through Internet or in agencies near our residence. For more clarity and thought, follow up with mayo clinic patient stories and gain more knowledge.. This article has been written by Edgar Roquett, specialist in refinancing of debts.

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